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March 21, 2021

In a world of technology, Chips make the difference

March 15, 2021

Is Netflix still a good investment to make?

March 10, 2021

Green Policy – Top of the Agenda for European Markets

March 7, 2021

Digitalisation and its Impact on Investing

March 3, 2021

Did Trump’s tweets move the stock market?

March 1, 2021

Day Traders Collide with Wall Street in Retail Trading Frenzy

September 15, 2020

Social Sentiment Helps Predict Stock Market Trend (2020)

Research suggests that emotions can have a significant impact on the behavior of individuals. This is also true of the investors making their decisions in the highly volatile stock market. At present, AI companies put more effort in using sentiment analysis to predict movement of the shares. Among other things, social media is one of the right places for collecting the sentiments of traders and investors.
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