StockGeist is an interactive platform for monitoring current popularity of companies based on textual information from social media. The companies covered are those from the S&P 500 and NASDAQ 100 indices as well as all the businesses in the publicly traded biotechnology and technology sectors.

The user of our platform can select any of the 2200+ company tickers to obtain a glimpse on the sentiment that prevails in social media towards a particular company. Timeframe for calculating sentiment levels can be selected as either the last five minutes, one hour, or one day.

In addition to sentiment data, StockGeist displays information on the number of messages received by a company, its current rank and changes in the ranking as well as some key data on the fundamentals of the company. To learn about the context of messages, the most popular word pairs can be seen in the form of a wordcloud.

At StockGeist we use AI-based technologies to help us calculate the sentiment along with analyzing messages and articles. Traders of the 21st century should be equipped with a tool to let them analyze the data on a massive scale. Our platform makes such a tool available to everybody and we will continue developing solutions to bridge the gap between the average trader and the market.