The StockGeist dashboard is an interactive platform for monitoring current popularity of companies based on textual information from social media. Key trader sentiment research is provided for those companies covered in the S&P 500 and NASDAQ 100 indices, as well as all the businesses in the publicly traded biotechnology and technology sectors.

Our market sentiment monitoring platform can be utilised as a sentiment tool for traders in order to aid potential short-term or long-term trading opportunities.

Although, it is important to remember that sentiment analysis will be interpreted differently by each individual, and should be taken in conjunction with other factors such as fundamental analysis of the price/earnings ratio. Nonetheless, the analysis of trader sentiment data should be a part of every short-term investor's toolkit.

Why is trader sentiment analysis so important?

Often associated with short-term trading methods, the analysis of trader sentiment data provides an alternative method when analyzing the performance of a particular stock.

Analyzing the crowd psychology of a particular stock can provide traders with the opportunity to profit from short-term price movements as a result of investor reactions. The emotional reaction of traders will typically drive the market into a bearish or bullish territory - bearish meaning a decline, and a rise in share price for the latter.

Read more about the role of sentiment analysis in day trading here.

Due to the short-term nature of this process and the potential small window of opportunity, this is why it is vital for sentiment traders to understand the crowd psychology of a particular stock quickly in a few clicks, rather than scrolling through copious amounts of messages across different social media platforms at once.

This is where the platform comes into it’s own...

Which sentiment trader tools does provide?

The user of our platform can select any of the 2200+ company tickers to obtain a real-time glimpse on the sentiment that prevails in social media towards a particular company – a somewhat time-consuming method if done traditionally without StockGeist. Timeframe for calculating sentiment levels can be selected as either the last five minutes, one hour, or one day.

The image to the left is an example of one of the many viewpoints traders can select using the platform to view sentiment related data for their chosen stock, in this case Apple.

We understand that not every user will find the same feature as valuable as other options, and people will naturally understand different viewpoints better than others. Below, outlines all of the current features available on our platform as well as the capabilities of each of these.

Ranking – the top listed companies receiving the most attention on social media, in addition to the number of messages relating to each company are shown.

Watchlist – build interactive charts from an assortment of selected tickers. For each ticker on the watchlist, the platform plots the total number of social media posts, cumulative message count, message ratio and positivity index.

News Timeline – timeline displaying the public news related to a company of the user’s choice can be created, including summaries of the most recent and relevant news releases. News stories are labelled by their sentiment as either positive, negative or neutral. Also, sentiment span within the news summaries is shown.

Social Sentiment – distribution plots of the sentiment trader data received from social media posts received within a selected timeframe are shown. A view of separate plots shows two categories of emotional and informative messages.

Wordcloud – the quickest way to gage the trader sentiment about a selected stocks content in social media posts via presenting the most popular word pairs. No filters are applied to this indicator, allowing traders to quickly view the thoughts of the trading masses.

Stock Overview – key fundamental information such as market capitalization, stock price, P/E and the latest news are provided for new or experienced traders.

Here you can find further information on current and upcoming features for stock sentiment courtesy of StockGeist.

At StockGeist we use AI-based technologies to help us calculate sentiment along with analyzing messages and articles. Traders of the 21st century should be equipped with a tool to let them analyze the data on a massive scale. Our platform makes such a tool available to everybody and we will continue developing solutions to bridge the gap between the average trader and the market. You can incorporate our innovative tool into your very own project courtesy of our stock news sentiment API