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Stock Sentiment

StockGeist’s interactive dashboard utilises recent advances in natural language processing to provide users with a cutting-edge stock sentiment tool, processing data from the latest social media posts and news updates of over 2200+ selected companies and more to come in the near future!

Current Features

What can StockGeist do right now?


Every minute, thousands of people share their opinions online about companies across multiple platforms. StockGeist gathers all that data, counts the number of messages and then creates a rank for each stock. In addition, the user can see the dynamics of a rank - i.e., how it changes in time. Finally, the user can explore the data across different timeframes (last 5 minutes, last hour and last day).


It is quite similar to Ranking, with the user given additional opportunity to follow the companies of interest. There is a large selection of companies to choose from, and upon the user’s selection, StockGeist displays the rank change along with the sentiment. We use AI-based tools to calculate financial sentiment from social media messages that relate to particular companies. Furthermore, companies on the Watchlist can be analyzed using a number of graphs in the Watchlist Charts section to further provide in-depth stock sentiment analysis.

Stock overview

When researching a company, every investor, new or experienced, basically wants to see two things: fundamentals (e.g., market capitalization, stock price, P/E) and the latest news. StockGeist takes a combination of these two and supercharges it with additional tools of sentiment analysis and key-topics.


Going through countless websites that provide articles is a tedious task. We do this job for you by getting them from all corners of the internet and labelling them by sentiment. Our smart AI system determines the financial sentiment of a news article and highlights key areas in the text. In addition to that, we show the number of shares for that article in the last 24 hours.


StockGeist puts a great deal of emphasis on the analysis of stock sentiment based upon social media messages. The user can see the distribution of messages based on their positivity/negativity. Moreover, we group the messages into two classes as being either informative or emotional. Messages such as “To the Moon! Let’s get rich!” would be considered highly emotional, whilst “X company has reported a loss in the final quarter” would be deemed informative.


What is the fastest way to grasp what people are saying about a certain company? Have a look at our WordCloud and you will see the most popular topics the crowd is talking about. We do not use any filters for the language of the posts, so you have a chance to experience directly what is on the mind of the masses.


StockGeist provides daily updates of key financial information such as market capitalization and P/E ratio. We plan to expand this service a lot, so keep checking our website!


In this section, we provide a short story on the selected company to give a general idea of what they do. The easy-to-understand text allows users with different backgrounds to quickly learn about the nature of the business before diving into the numbers.

Watchlist charts

At StockGeist we also supply charts that display historical data about social media messages and positivity. You can also try different timeframe granularities and see for yourself, which one fits best.