Monitor 2200+ companies mentioned on social media in real-time

Every minute traders leave dozens or even hundreds of posts in social media. Making sense of huge amounts of data is far from trivial. At Neurotechnology we are up for this task by leveraging our multi-year experience in providing deep learning-based solutions to complex problems. We present StockGeist - a platform powered by cutting-edge AI that makes use of recent advances in natural language processing. Our product tracks social media posts in real time and shows the ranking of selected companies out of the 2200+ tickers followed by us along with the sentiment about them.

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Ranking of companies icon
Shows the ranking of companies based on the number of messages in social media relating to each of them.
Ranking dynamics icon
Reveals the dynamics in the ranking of a company during the last 5 minutes / hour / day.
Sentiment icon
Plots AI-calculated sentiment in social media from selected companies.
Bigram of social posts icon
Shows the most frequent word pairs in social media posts on the company of your choice to concisely convey the context.
Timeline icon
Displays a timeline of the major news about companies from the media processed by an AI system.
Fundamentals icon
Provides the fundamentals of a company such as the opening and closing prices, volume, market cap, etc.
Info icon
Displays some general information on the company of your choice.
Watchlist icon
Provides you with the ability to create you own custom stock watchlist and follow its dynamics.


What sets us apart?

  • Access and visualize up to 1 month of AI-processed historical sentiment and ranking data
  • Get the feel about what topics currently dominate the social media stream of your selected company
  • Filter news articles based on their sentiment
  • Immediately understand news pieces by reading their summarized versions with the most important parts of the text highlighted – all generated by a natural language processing AI model