Integrate our stock market API to get first insight on the latest trends

StockGeist provides developers with real-time data on market sentiment for individual stocks and entire markets (soon). Our stock market API uses advanced algorithms to analyze the stock sentiment from news articles, social media posts, and other online content to determine sentiment for a wide range of stocks and industries.

Current stock market API capabilities

Real-time financial API

One of the key features of our stock API is its ability to provide real-time sentiment data. This means that developers can access the latest market sentiment data as it becomes available, allowing them to stay up-to-date on market trends and make informed investment decisions.

Historical API stock market data

In addition to real-time sentiment data, our stock market API also offers historical sentiment data, which can be useful for performing analysis and researching market trends. StockGeist is a flexible and easy-to-use stock API that can be integrated into a wide range of applications. Some potential uses for our stoc market API include building market sentiment tracking applications, creating custom investment portfolios, and performing sentiment analysis for research or investment purposes.

Social media activity

  • Track social media activity about more than 2000 stocks (US market).

  • Get historical data of Tesla Inc, track sentiment (positive/neutral/negative) and emotionality.

  • You can access API via REST API or streams.

  • 10k free credits upon signing up!

Data sources for our stock API

Social media (Reddit, Twitter)

The world of social media is hugely prevalent in discussing stock market trands and updates. This is why we make sure to extract all possible data from the most popular social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter.

Blog posts, news

The formal publication of articles onto news sites is an important source of data collection when it comes to our stock market API. We crawl the web for all of the latest news articles on the most popular websites so we can provide the most accurate real-time sentiment.

How to start using our stock API?

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For detailed information about all features and capabilities of our REST API place visit the documentation page.