Located in Lagos, the NGX (formerly Nigerian Stock Exchange) serves as a financial beacon for Nigeria. As one of the largest stock exchanges in Africa, the NGX enables traders to buy and sell a host of financial securities including stocks, bonds and ETFs. The stock exchange has served at the heart of the Nigerian economy, enabling wealth creation, facilitating the raising of capital and providing an avenue for companies to access long-term financing. 

Sentiment Analysis of the Nigerian Exchange Group

The NGX is becoming increasingly popular as an exchange for investors, domestic and international alike thanks to the recent market reforms improving the investor security. 

For traders looking to gain a competitive advantage when it comes to trading Nigerian equities, stock sentiment analysis of the NGX could provide the solution. Trader sentiment analysis provides an alternative method to analyze the performance of a particular stock. By analyzing the crowd psychology of a stock, traders can be presented with the opportunity to profit from short-term price movements as a result of the subsequent trader reactions. 

The emotions of traders can drive either bullish or bearish price movements. Due to the small window of opportunity, traders can not simply trawl through multitudes of messages and articles to understand the opinions expressed throughout the media and trading landscape. 

Instead, by utilizing stock sentiment analysis tools such as StockGeist, traders can receive immediate access to quantitative data covering the whole market. Sentiment analysis is already used extensively across major exchanges such as the S&P 500 and NASDAQ 100 indices. 

StockGeist sentiment analysis of the NGX is available as a custom project that can be integrated into your own project, or even as a standalone solution by itself. To see a live demonstration of StockGeist in action, please head over to our dashboard. To get started with your NGX sentiment analysis custom project, please contact us.

Every minute, thousands of people share their opinions online about companies traded on the African stock exchanges. StockGeist can be used to gather all of that data, count the number of messages and then create a rank for each stock. In addition, this data can be used to see the dynamics of a rank - i.e., how it changes in time. Finally, the user can explore the data across different timeframes (last 5 minutes, last hour and last day).
Stock Overview
When researching a company, investors will want to see two things: fundamentals (e.g., market capitalization, stock price, P/E) and the latest news. StockGeist takes a combination of these two and supercharges it with additional tools of sentiment analysis and key-topics.
The sentiment data can be presented to show the distribution of messages based on either their positivity or negativity. Moreover, we group the messages into two classes as being either informative or emotional.
The WordCloud lets you see the most popular topics the crowd is talking about. We do not use any filters for the language of the posts, so you have a chance to experience directly what is on the mind of the masses.
Your project could include daily updates of key financial information such as market capitalization and P/E ratio.
Watchlist charts
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The stock sentiment analysis features that power our online dashboard are available for custom projects involving African Stock Markets. Understanding market sentiments can be a critical factor in making informed investment decisions, and our service aims to empower investors with valuable insights into the sentiment trends of African stocks. Whether you are an individual investor or a financial institution, our data-driven analysis can help you gain a competitive edge in the dynamic African stock markets.

Why Sentiment Analysis?

Sentiment analysis is a powerful tool for investors to gauge the overall market sentiment towards specific stocks and entire markets. By analyzing news articles, social media posts and other textual data, StockGeist can determine whether the sentiment is positive, negative, or neutral. Understanding this collective stock sentiment can help investors to identify potential opportunities, anticipate market movements and manage risk.

Why choose the NGX?

The Nigerian government has committed significant resources and effort to improving the regulatory framework and governance of the NGX, helping to establish the Nigerian Stock Exchange as a desirable trading area. The NGX is a member of many international organizations and exchanges, allowing investors from around the world to access Nigerian stocks through global trading platforms and brokerages.

Compared to many similar exchanges, the NGX has historically high returns for certain companies. Whilst past performance is never an indication of future results, investors seeking growth opportunities are drawn towards the NGX and the untapped potential for future growth.

Nigeria as a country is on an upwards trajectory and is often classified as an emerging market with significant growth potential still to be explored and built upon. The country is rich in natural resources such as oil, minerals and agriculture, offering exposure from the NGX to the global commodity trends.

Companies trading on the NGX

The NGX hosts a diverse range of companies, from fledgling startups through to established giants. Some of the companies that trade on the NGX include:

Get Started with NGX Stock Sentiment Analysis

Gain a competitive advantage in the dynamic Nigerian stock markets with a stock sentiment custom project with StockGeist. Provide the data to help your users to make well-informed investment decisions backed by data-driven sentiment analysis. Our custom projects employ state-of-the-art natural language processing algorithms to process vast amounts of textual data in real-time.

Our approach includes:


Data Aggregation

We collect news articles, financial reports, social media posts and other relevant data from various sources across the internet.



We clean and preprocess the data to remove noise and irrelevant information, ensuring accurate sentiment analysis.


Sentiment Analysis

Our powerful machine learning models analyze the preprocessed data to determine the sentiment associated with each stock and exchange.


Visualization and Reporting

We provide intuitive visualizations and detailed reports, presenting sentiment trends and insights for each African stock exchange.

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