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Investor Sentiment is the ideal platform for you to understand investor sentiment in just a few clicks. enables its users to view various market sentiment indicators in real time as well as the historic sentiment data of over 2200 trading companies, including those featured in the S&P 500 and NASDAQ 100 indices.

What is investor sentiment?

Investor sentiment, otherwise known as market sentiment, refers to the general outlook or attitude of traders and investors toward a particular stock or the overall financial market.

Analysis of investor sentiment provides short term investors and day traders with the tools necessary to understand the crowd's feelings towards a stock, and can in some cases help predetermine price movements on the market, especially when the price alterations appear contradictory to the fundamentals.

If traders expect upward price movement in the stock market, the sentiment is said to be bullish. However, if traders expect a downward movement in the stock market, the sentiment is known to be bearish.

What factors affect investor sentiment?

The psychological state of investors and traders towards a particular stock or the market in general is typically an accumulation of a variety of technical and fundamental factors including:

  • Economic reports
  • Price history
  • Seasonal factors
  • National events
  • Global events

It is important to note that investor sentiment has a limited lifespan and you cannot pinpoint exactly when it will change ahead of time. A spike in sentiment data can last any given amount of time; anything from a matter of minutes or several weeks.

Why is investor sentiment important for traders?

Investor sentiment is highly regarded by many to be an important factor in predetermining stock price fluctuations.

It is crucial to be able to quickly decipher the mood of the market, but this can be a problematic and troublesome task if you are basing the overall sentiment analysis off a handful of messages on your favourite social media platform.

The actions and emotions of traders are not always driven by reason and logic. Market sentiment indicators prove to be invaluable to investors as an investment tool due to the irrationality of traders, whose corresponding messages to fundamental changes are not necessarily in proportion to the initial movement.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Researchers across the globe from various well-respected universities have been researching the validity of investor sentiment as an important tool for traders:

  • Does investor sentiment really matter? (Chau, Deesomsak, and Koutmos, 2016) - “Our findings support the notion that sentiment-induced buying and selling is an important determinant of stock price variation.”

  • How does investor sentiment affect stock market crises? (Zouaoui and Nouyrigat, 2011) - “We find that investor sentiment increases the probability of occurence of stock market crises within a one-year horizon. The impact of investor sentiment on stock markets is more pronounced in countries that are culturally more prone to herd-like bheavior, overreaction and low institutional involvement.”

As well as official paper releases in well-renowned journals, discover our range of case studies which illustrate the effectiveness of the platform predertermining the price movement of various stocks.

How can help?

As previously mentioned, basing the overall sentiment judgement off a couple mentions you see on your go to social media platform is far from ideal.’s market sentiment monitoring platform provides the perfect solution…

With just a few clicks you can view the up-to-date sentiment of any given stock in a clear and easy way to understand. We use AI-driven methods to analyse textual information of all social media messages related to a given stock and report these as positive or negative data points.

Our team of developers at are constantly evolving the platform's capabilities, whether that be in the form of API for full integration into your website, or new and updated features on the dashboard itself.

We provide our users with a range of features to view sentiment data of their chosen stock including:

  • Sentiment: Users can see the distribution of messages based on their positivity/negativity, as well as, grouping these into two classes as being either informative or emotional.

  • Ranking: Thousands of opinions are shared every minute online and we use this data to create a ranking system to show which stocks are receiving the most attention at that moment in time.

  • News: Save yourself the time of crawling through countless websites to find news articles related to the stocks you’re interested in by viewing all of the latest releases on our platform.

  • Wordcloud: Completely unfiltered, all of the trending words related to social media mentions. The quickest way to understand the mindset of investors and traders.

Read more about all of the stock sentiment features mentioned above plus watchlist charts, stock overview and fundamentals.

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